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Projects - Active
Oakville Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks Upgrades  
Location: Oakville, ON  |  Completed: April 2017
Project Scope:
Upgrades to the Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Including:

-The construction of a new Screening Facility
-Vortex Grit Removal Facility with a Grit Basement
-Flow Distribution Chamber and a Conveyance Channel to Plant 1, new channel from the Inlet Chamber to the new Screenings Facility
-New channel from the new Screenings Facility to the new Flow Distribution Chamber
-A new Hauled Sewage Pad
-Odour Control System for the new Screenings Building
-Removal and replacement of the Primary Clarifier and the Aeration Tank
Georgina GAC Filter Upgrades  
Location: Town of Georgina  |  Completed: Spring 2017
Project Scope:
The Project Consists of an upgraded ventilation system and associated controls for the chemical room within the Georgina Water Treatment Plant building and refurbished GAC contactor tanks, including an underdrain system and granular activated carbon media. The project also involves a new make-up air unit, sodium bisulphite room, electric unit heater, exhaust fans, gas detection system, ductwork, heated flushing line for caustic soda, trap seal primer system and other miscellaneous upgrades.
Lorne Thomas Pumping Station  
Location: Aliston  |  Completed: Fall 2017
Project Scope:
Lorne Thomas Pumping Station

Pumping station construction from empty field to service new residential housing development. The project consists of the installation and construction of a new pumping station including the installation of three dry pit submersible sewage pumps, all process piping and valving, the installation of ventilation equipment, monorail lifting system, process instrumentation, and a standby natural gas generator set. The project also consisted of the installation of all electrical and SCADA control system.
St Thomas WWTP Aeration Upgrade  
Location: St Thomas  |  Completed: Winter 2017
Project Scope:
The Project Consists of the removal of two (2) blowers from the blower building and the removal of the existing aeration system and piping in Plants 2 and 3. The installation of two (2) Turbo Blowers and ceramic disc diffuser systems and piping for Plants 2 and 3. The project also includes various upgrades associated with the aeration system upgrades including mechanical piping, fittings, valving, and electrical work.
Location: Baden  |  Completed: Winter 2016
Project Scope:
The Project Consists of the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of temporary pumping station bypass system, temporary winterization system (insulation, heat tracing) of
bypass piping/pumps to ensure freezing protection, new stainless steel piping, pipe supports, hangers and valves inside pumping station. The removal/demolition of existing slide gates, and replacement with new ones. The project also consisted of various minor electrical upgrades, PLC programming and integration services for new flow meter and relocated level sensors and the ccommissioning of station upgrades and removal of temporary bypass system.

Kleinburg Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrades  
Location: Kleinburg, ON  |  Completed: Spring 2017
Project Scope:
The project consists of modifications to the existing flow diversion storage tank including extending the existing diffuser piping and the removal of the existing chlorine contact tank.

The removal of the existing coarse bubble diffusers in the aeration tanks of the circular secondary treatment plant, replacing with new fine bubble diffusers and the removal and replacement of the existing circular clarifier.

The project also included the removal of the existing walls at the sludge holding tanks including sluice gates, piping, pipe supports, New helical scum skimmers in the rectangular secondary clarifiers, the design, supply and installation of the insulated covers at the rectangular secondary clarifiers and the removal of the existing water flushing system and replacement with new air scouring/flushing system.