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Projects - Water Treatment
Georgina GAC Filter Upgrades  
Location: Town of Georgina  |  Completed: Spring 2017
Project Scope:
The Project Consists of an upgraded ventilation system and associated controls for the chemical room within the Georgina Water Treatment Plant building and refurbished GAC contactor tanks, including an underdrain system and granular activated carbon media. The project also involves a new make-up air unit, sodium bisulphite room, electric unit heater, exhaust fans, gas detection system, ductwork, heated flushing line for caustic soda, trap seal primer system and other miscellaneous upgrades.
Decew Falls Filter Rehabilitation  
Location: Decew Falls, St Catherines  |  Completed: Fall 2014
Project Scope:
- Provide new building envelopes over the partially covered filter and submersed settling tanks of Plant 1
- Rehabilitation of 6 existing filters and provide new underdrain systems and GAC filtration media
- New Air relaease valves, level reading radar units, control and electrical
- New HVAC and lighting in building envelopes, fencing, security
- New access road and retailing wall
Location: Manitoulin Island  |  Completed: Summer 2015
Project Scope:
The project consists of the replacement of three existing pressurized "Memcor" membrane filtration trains with two new (pre-selected) pre-packaged submerged "GE - Z-Box" membrane filtration trains, temporary outdoor installation and commissioning of one GE - Z-Box train during construction, modifications to the associated piping, electrical and controls systems, and appurtenances and the replacement of the clean-in-place chemical feed pumps (sodium hypochlorite and citric acid). The project also consists of structural reinforcement of the existing floor slab to support the new equipment and the removal of existing alum coagulant feed system.
Mt Pleasant Water Treatment Plant  
Location: Mt Pleasant, Ontario  |  Completed: 2013
Project Scope:
Mt Pleasant
Water facility upgrades consisting of new water treatment facility, architectural, structural, electrical, control and instrumentation, HVAC plumbing, process piping, vertical turbine pump replacement , and high lift pumping equipment. Also includes new electrical supply and construction of new lagoon on site.

Bayview Water Pumping Station Upgrades  
Location: Markham, ON  |  Completed: August 2020
Project Scope:
The work involves the demolition of the existing workshop and a new two storey structure with new emergency power generator on the lower level and new electrical switchgear on the upper level. Upgrades to the electrical system as well as a new Motor Control Centre, new interior and exterior lighting and a new Air Handling Unit with HVAC upgrades, SCADA integrations and a new Security System.